The Lyr of our Beginning

In the age of the Canohellenore, empowered by Ilfirincala, the eternal ever fire, Orisil took hold of Adar in order to whip Lome back into Lomenore, the realm of darkness. As Orisil whipped the night beast, a piece of pure white stardust fell from Adar’s countenance and landed on Amme.

The stardust took form and raised itself from the ground, touching the earth beneath it with Adar’s Ilfirincala. I was that stardust, Yondo Elen, the firstborn of Adar and Cundu of Elennore and this is the lyr of our beginning.

As I walked upon the countenance of Amme, the trees around me blazed with Ilfirincala but were not consumed. The golden trees lit up in a straight path for me to follow, which I did, traversing the back of Amme in the looming darkness.

When I came upon the edge of the land however and Amme sat awaiting me to plummet to my death, more golden trees shot up from the depths of the sea. With their golden roots, they formed a bridge over the waters and held me up as I trod the surface of the emerald sea for a time and times until I came upon the heart of the great wood.

There I rested on the blackened earth to gaze up at Adar and thank him for the gift that was my life. As I did, the Ilfirincala from my form seeped into the earth beneath me and awakened another.

The awakened earth took form and raised itself from the ground beside me. This time it was a Yelde Nore, fair with white coils that fell from her head and draped around her blackened naked form.

As a witness to this miracle, Amme lired it to the Canohellenore, up to the heavens and to the depths below. Amme sang it to the everbeasts of the heavens and to the creatures of sea, land and air that all creation would know.

 “Thus is birthed Yondoelen and Yeldenore, the firstborn of star and earth, born of Elen and Nore to be the stewards of the Henorelen, the children of Orelen and Ornore.”

As so it was lired, so it became.

My vesse and I lived on the back of Amme and were raised by the Canohellenore in Daer’ Eryn. We enjoyed a glorious 50 years of fellowship with the Canohellenore, watching them tend the heavens and the earth.

During this time, we learned the ways that were necessary for the care of Daer’Eryn, our new home. After our instruction was complete and we matured, we were allowed to tend Daer’Eryn as its new stewards, under the guidance of Amme.

Yeldenore and I grew close in our partnership, sharing ideas and helping one another. With time our companionship and fondness for one another became as the flames or Oranar.

Pleased by our relationship, the Ilfirincala presented us with the gift of creating life just as Ilfirincala was the source of all life.

We prospered in the sustenance of Amme and under Melel the Ilfirincala’s gift was fulfilled. Yeldenore became Amme as well. She begot three hina, Adan, Tingan and Tingilye who were an inexpressible delight.

Though in the indescribable joy of becoming an Adar, I remained blind to the darkness that would soon emerge from the shadows cast by our newfound happiness.