The Sons of Fire

One afternoon as Loriena, Orina, Lumemora and Elma bathed in the pools in the middle of the great wood, they attracted the attention of the sons of the sun as they herded the great everbeasts of the heavens. These were Argaroth, Argos, Bogcrow, and Pyrel, the four great sons of fire.

In haste, the four descended the sky in flashes of golden light upon their fiery steed, but I would not have the undying feast upon the flesh of my own. Therefore I sent them away and hid my daughters in the caves. There they remained away from the sight of the undying and from their unquenchable fire.

However, the commander of the heavens sent rain upon the land. With the earth softened, mother earth used her trickery yet again and brought up anthills from her form. Out of them sprang up my daughters transformed, each bearing four great wings gifted by the white ants.

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The Song of the Trees

In the depths of my grief, I struggle to find shelter for our children my love, to keep them warm as they slumber. My thoughts are filled with rage and bitterness, yet the commanders have no mercy for my travails.

It is the time when the wind roars with a tempest to move the waves of the sea. The winds carry the scents of the beasts throughout the great wood to pollinate the flowers and prompt the beasts to throng the lands.

It was as I remember our favorite season.

However, I do not have your warmth with me as before to endure the sting of the night. In my favor, the commander of the wood took pity on us, our offspring and I, and led me to an old tree.

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A Lament for Nore

“This much is true, it is the way of light for a mother to birth, tend, care for and watch life grow. It is however the way of darkness to kill, leech off of our glory days, and grow fat on the carcasses of our joy.

Do not be fooled. The earth is no mother. She is death. Let the moon and stars swallow her into the unending depths of darkness, that wretched ancient beast of dread.“

My most beloved father, Lord of the Stars. It is in great sadness that I come before you. My grief came upon me in the days following your greatest gift. Our children grew in beauty and laughter and so did our companionship. The fruits of Nore sustained us all and we enjoyed the gift of your everfire; the gift of life.

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The Chronicle of Our Beginning

In the age of the commanders of the heavens and the earth, empowered by the everfire, the moon took hold of the stars in order to whip the night beast into the realm of darkness. As the moon whipped the night beast, a piece of pure white stardust fell from above and landed on the earth.

The stardust took form and raised itself from the ground, touching the earth beneath it with the everfire. I was that stardust, Adan the undying, firstborn of the stars and these are the chronicles of my people.

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